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Misha Fitton Resume

Misha Fitton (Misha Turtle Island)

Dartmouth College Bachelor of Arts in Economics (Concentrations Public & International Finance), Magna Cum Laude, GPA: 3.85/4.00 Honors: Citations for Excellence in Public Economics, Writing; Rufus Choate Scholar
Advanced studies at Tuck School of Business, encompassing Principles of Marketing, Financial Accounting, and Management & Strategy

Work & Projects

Professional Work and Projects

Misha Turtle Island

  • Artist and Designer Misha Fitton independently launched a multi-year project with turtles as his muse. He has prompted and refined over 16,000 creations using Midjourney with thousands more in DALLE and other generative AI services like Ideogram. The releases on X/Twitter have been shared by millions of people across all demographics.

  • ●  Innovator in the field of Digital Marketing, Social Audio and Al, driving significant engagement with millions of monthly impressions and views on themed creative content (image, video, and text).

  • ●  Leader of various artist and speaker collectives, hosting interviews with prominent figures in business, Al, & politics. Launched a leading Morning social audio show in 2024 on and designed the entire fashion lineup that has been called “the best designs on X.”

  • ●  Media and communication strategies in Congressional, Gubernatorial, and Presidential campaigns. Acknowledged and victorious

    grassroots leader during major elections, one shattering records.

  • ●  Have written hundreds of articles over the last two years across these areas.

Charter Communications

  • Spearheaded a pivotal analysis of Direct-to-Consumer offerings, emphasizing Hulu and Disney+ interactions with Charter's linear platforms. This strategic insight was instrumental in Charter Executive's negotiation tactics with Disney and the frameworks will be applied to future negotiations.

  • ●  Played a core key role in renewal initiatives, providing comprehensive viewership analyses to support the financial team.

  • ●  Conducted thorough assessments of Television Everywhere authorization data for viewership cannibalization and other critical analyses.

  • ●  Segmented subscribers by their content type usage (sports, movies, series, etc.) and performed a scheduling analysis for key


  • ●  Developed subscriber segmentation based on content preferences, contributing to optimized scheduling for major programmers.

  • ●  Generated strategic recommendations for video strategy through in-depth analysis of consumption data, influencing carriage decisions

    and content packaging strategies.

  • ●  Refined the viewership 'Engagement' metric by integrating diverse subscriber data, enhancing audience understanding.

  • ●  Led the development and automation of cross-platform viewership reporting, incorporating external data sources and integrating

    financial and subscription metrics. Projects of focus include: Substitution and Passion Automation

Reify Health & OneStudyTeam

Independently developed tools and processes to scale the site-side of a double-moat strategy.

  • ●  Directly responsible for revamping the Site Team's adoption analytics tracker, enabling real-time access to key metrics.

  • ●  Overhauled data governance for a major client network, streamlining user access with a multi-site single sign-on approach.

  • ●  Led a product research initiative for bulk patient data import, proposing solutions to enhance client experience.

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  • Facilitated multi-million dollar client onboarding and renewals, including significant data integration projects for Comcast; Example: Successful post-pilot onboarding of 75+ data sources (~10B records)

  • ●  Created a mapping guide for clients to support self-serve integration, reducing implementation sprint time by 30%

  • ●  Collaborated closely with DevOps and Engineering to overcome high data load time ambiguity

    Designed an Excel data loading model based on DevOp’s inputs to better forecast client deliverables

  • ●  Created and delivered training materials, reversing a 40% usage drop for a key client through customized training

    Reversed a client’s 40% usage drop through customized use case training
    Proposed, designed, and brought in Product Marketing to execute on a Center of Excellence best practices deck that at the time of my departure was used for all Pointillist implementations

Altman Solon 

  • Led analysis on negotiation strategy support for a media network ownership group Modeled hypothetical changes to client market share using conjoint survey data

  • ●  Lead analyst on the AV&Co. video survey in 2017, which was shared internally and externally for business development and client projects

  • ●  Proposed enhancements for the 2018 survey to firm partners and volunteered to be the supervising analyst on the 2018 video survey version (while also maintaining full utilization on another client project)

  • ●  TMT and Industry Experience Focus Areas that I covered: loT, RFID, Supply Chain, Access Control, Asset Tracking, Industry 4.0, 5G, Fiber, Drone, Robotics, Al, Cloud, OTT, SaaS, ML, Journey Analytics, Social Networks, Crypto Currencies, Blockchain.

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